Wine Front: 93 Points

Wine Front:
Wines Of Merritt Vermentino 2017
93 Points

Not a lot of detail on this start up wine biz, but the backbone is the Nick James-Martin and Sarah James-Martin combo working with small batch stuff out of Margaret River. This here white sees a natural ferment and hangs out on lees. It’s a compelling argument to elevate vermentino from soda-with-squeeze-of-lime styles into something better. And to work with more of it in Margaret River. And look at that alcohol!

Quality wine in anyone’s books, shows intensity of fruit character, steely-minerally acidity, faint savoury complexity, freshness of inherent pear/green apple/cucumber fruit characters. Ripper drink above all else but there’s plenty of nuance in the mix too. Stains the palate gently with tang fruit flavours, finishes long, cool, herby, sparkling. Lots to like here, no brainer for an uptown wine experience.

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